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Seth is a 9 year old boy

Seth, born in 2008, is an endearing, laid-back youngster with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that is contagious.  With his great sense of humor and bubbly personality, Seth is well-liked by others.   This easy-going and kind child needs the stability and permanence of an understanding, loving, and structured adoptive family of his very own.  Quiet by nature, he enjoys attention, is good at sharing and including others in play, and really just wants to please the people he cares about.

Seth loves the outdoors, especially when he can play with his toy planes, trains and automobiles.  This friendly and engaging youngster enjoys a variety of activities from swimming and soccer, helping with errands, playing with his super hero figurines, or just hanging out with friends.  A budding oceanographer, Seth is passionate about whales (he wants one as a pet!), sharks, or pretty much any creature that lives in the sea.  This curious young boy who shows an eagerness to learn, and loves spending time with adults that share his interests. 

Seth benefits from a modified curriculum and the support of an aide to meet his learning objectives.  Reading and writing are a focus, and he’s working hard to make gains.  Ensuring he gets additional support at school will be important to his success now and as he moves through his schooling.

Seth would do well in either a single or two parent family, with or without children.  The ability to provide good supervision, show patience and understanding, and offer opportunities for learning, would see the best in him.  A family with pets would be a bonus!  His forever family will need to be committed in maintaining ongoing connections to his sibling and extended family, as well as be prepared to provide supports into adulthood as required. 

This deserving child will benefit from compassionate loving care that will see him thrive and move forward in a positive manner.  An ability and willingness to advocate on his behalf for any necessary resources or supports now and in the future would be most suitable.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Apr 04, 2018

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