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Rieley is a 9 year old boy

Rieley, born in 2007, is an energetic little guy, with blond hair, blue eyes and a smile that will “melt hearts”.  A loving child, with a gentleness about him, makes him a joy to be around.  This friendly little boy with an easy going nature has a great sense of humour.  A very energetic child, Rieley enjoys being able to keep busy and active and he especially loves anything to do with super-heroes, army toys and colouring.  

An enthusiastic learner, Rieley participates in a regular school program, where he benefits from some extra support to help keep him focused and to assist negotiating peer relationships. Academically he is par with his classmates.  He learns very well through play and touch, and succeeds best with regular routine and structure.

This wonderful boy is waiting for an active, loving and committed adoptive home that can provide the structure he needs to blossom.  A family, without other children in the home, or where Rieley can be the youngest by a fair margin would be the most suitable; Rieley is at his best with lots of individual attention.   The family that is fortunate enough to embrace him should have patience, diligence and the ability to offer him the individual time and attention he needs to be successful.  His best interests will also be met in a commitment to his maintaining an ongoing and meaningful relationship with his sibling.    

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Oct 18, 2017

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