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Bol is a 9 year old boy
Awein is a 8 year old girl

Bol, born in 2007, is a tall, slender and handsome young boy.  Somewhat shy, he shows reserve in social situations, but with some familiarity will grace you with his mega-watt smile.  A creative boy, he enjoys building with Lego, and is a great artist.  He loves cars, and in addition to playing with them, has a real talent for identifying the makes and models of high performance vehicles.  He enjoys swimming, riding his bike, and playing with video games.  An outdoor enthusiast, he likes to camp and thinks sleeping in a tent is “cool”!  Bol is a smart and capable youngster who is currently benefiting from a specialized classroom setting where he can receive support with his behavior and focus.

Awein, born in 2009, is a lovely and smiley little girl who shares her brother’s tall, slender build.  Easy going and fun to be around, she can show a stubborn streak on occasion, and prefers to be in familiar surroundings and company.  Awein is an animal lover who enjoys coloring, watching television, riding her bike, and going for hikes outdoors.  She is making good progress at school, benefiting from extra time and attention to achieve at grade level.

Bol and Awein’s ideal adoptive family would have two parents where they could be the only children in the home, or where they could be the youngest.  These wonderful children will blossom particularly well with a lot of individual attention and time, as well as from a patient, loving, and consistent parenting approach.  A family able to facilitate an ongoing relationship with their older siblings is in their interests, as is a family able to ensure they are connected to any specialized resources they may require now and into the future.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Mar 29, 2017

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