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Evan is a 14 year old boy

Evan, born in 2002, is a nice looking young man who presents with a thoughtful and pensive manner.  He has brown eyes, brown hair, and a slight build. A homebody at heart, Evan enjoys reading chapter books, building with Lego, and spending time on the computer -- both gaming and learning to code.  In keeping with his preference for a peaceful atmosphere, and his gentle disposition, outdoor activities he enjoys include fishing, and going for nature walks.  Independent by nature, Evan is happy in his own company, but engages with others meaningfully when given the time and opportunity to establish a trusting connection. His primary aspiration for the future is to live in a positive and healthy manner! 

Evan attends a school program where he benefits from applied support with learning needs and behaviors.  His efforts have seen him make excellent gains and successfully meet both academic and conduct objectives.  His teacher is a big fan of his, and his peer interactions are largely positive.  He enjoys most academic subjects, particularly if reading and computer work is involved. 

The most suitable adoptive match for this deserving youngster would be a two parent home where he could be the only child or the youngest.  In addition to being patient and supportive, a calm and reasoned parenting style would fit well for him.  A commitment to ensuring he is connected to any specialized resources now and as he matures is necessary, as is a commitment to assisting him in maintaining an ongoing relationship with his older sister.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Oct 28, 2015

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