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Alex is a 11 year old boy

Alex, born in 2007, is a social and engaging boy.  He has blue eyes, brown hair, and a very endearing smile.  Kind and energetic, he has a sunny disposition, and shows enthusiasm for the many activities he enjoys!  These include swimming, playing basketball, going to the zoo, time at the park, doing puzzles, watching movies, playing with toy cars, and having books read to him.  Although he can present as shy and standoffish at first, once he feels more comfortable, his silly and playful side comes out!  He works hard to behave well, and is most successful when he is given encouragement and patience.
Alex attends a specialized school program, with other children who require additional support in meeting their learning and behavioral goals.  He does well when provided one on one support in the classroom to manage his energy, focus on his learning, and interact positively with his peers.
A two parent home with either no children, or with children older than Alex, would be the best fit for him.  The most suitable family would also be able to provide him with structure, nurturance, and an abundant appreciation for the gifts he brings.  Assisting Alex in maintaining connection with his sisters, and ensuring he is able to access specialized services will be essential to his wellbeing. 

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Apr 17, 2019

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