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Minister seeks input on changes to child intervention system

March 13, 2014

Human Services Minister Manmeet S. Bhullar has received and released the report from January’s Child Intervention Roundtable and made the following statement:

“On January 8, 2014, within weeks of being named Alberta’s Minister of Human Services, I launched a plan to enhance information sharing, address the root causes that bring children into provincial care and support collaborative research to improve services to children and their families.

“As part of that plan, the government brought experts, policy makers, aboriginal representatives and those with lived experience in the system together at a roundtable.

“I asked the roundtable to discuss and forward ideas on how the province can answer three questions:

1. What supports a full and meaningful investigation into the death or serious injury of a child in Alberta?

2. What additional steps should be taken to improve investigations when it involves a child receiving child intervention services?

3a. What information should be available about:

  • The death of or serious injury to all children; and
  • The death of or serious injury to a child receiving child intervention services?

3b. What changes should Alberta consider with respect to the Child, Youth and Family Enhancements Act’s publication ban?

“I would like to thank those who participated in the roundtable – online and in person – for their contributions to these discussions.

“I have now received the report, authored by the Expert Panel, and I am making it publicly available, as promised.  A wide range of views on these questions were expressed at the roundtable, and consensus was reached that the publication ban needed to change.

“For the next 30 days, Albertans are invited to offer their answers to these important questions and offer their feedback and ideas. As Minister, my goal continues to focus on encouraging a transparent and accountable system that is focused on quality care and continuous improvement.

“It is my hope that Albertans will take the time to help me drive change and improve our services to Alberta’s most vulnerable.”

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