Alberta Government supports women’s shelters with new investment

Funding Details

Following consultation with the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS), several areas will be supported with the $15 million funding, including:

  • Operating Funding
    Shelters indicated rising operating cost pressures (e.g. food, utilities, transportation) are impacting the amount of funding shelters can allocate to client services. This funding will help offset those costs.
  • Second-Stage Shelters
    Second-stage shelters are secure, self-contained apartments where women pay subsidized rent and receive intensive, in-house programming as they seek to regain independence in a life free of violence.
  • Outreach Support Workers
    Shelter operators identified the need for dedicated staff to provide support to women and children in shelters or in the community. This support includes safety/risk assessments, and offering women and children access to the full-range of housing, financial and other personal supports available for their unique needs. This investment will fund an additional 84 outreach support workers.
  • Counselling for Children and Youth
    Shelter operators identified the need for specialized counselling to address the long-term impacts of family violence on children and youth. These services will focus on child and youth development, recovery and breaking the cycle of abuse. The funding will provide for 40 child counsellors.
  • Increased funding to support on-reserve shelters
    This investment will provide a seven per cent increase to the rates paid to on-Reserve emergency shelters on the five First Nations with which the Government of Alberta has fee for service agreements.

    Fee for service rates apply in those cases when women and children who ordinarily live off Reserve access emergency shelter services on Reserve.

  • Data Collection and Reporting and Training
    The Government of Alberta will provide funding to ACWS to support training opportunities and consistent data collection and reporting.
Modified: 2015-09-23
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