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Youth Homelessness Initiatives

The Government of Alberta, along with its community partners, is working to reduce youth homelessness, including homelessness among LGBTQ2S youth. Homelessness is a complex issue and young Albertans who identify as sexual or gender minorities are at more risk of experiencing homelessness.

Check out some recent research, and how the recommendations in this report could help reduce youth homelessness in Alberta.

Government’s LGBTQ2S Youth Homelessness Working Group developed the LGBTQ2S Youth Housing and Shelter Guidelines to improve the inclusion of LGBTQ2S homeless youth. Included in this document is a glossary of terms, a sample gender-inclusive intake form, and an exercise for assessing personal bias.

Safe Accommodations for Queer Edmonton Youth (SAFQEY) also produced a documentary on youth homelessness among LGBTQ2S youth in Alberta that you can watch here.

Within the broader context of Alberta’s youth plan, Supporting Healthy and Successful Transitions to Adulthood: A Plan to Prevent and Reduce Youth Homelessness, 12 communities across the province will increase efforts to support youth at risk.

The strategies in this plan represent a new way to address youth homelessness that builds on the work we have been doing. We are shifting the emphasis to preventing incidents of homelessness and increasing housing and support services.

A proactive approach

No one chooses to be homeless and it can happen to anyone. Youth homelessness is the result of a number of economic and social factors that impact both the individual and their family. Our response is tailored to addressing the many facets of this issue.

  • Over 400 Albertans, including 200 youth have contributed to the development of the Youth Plan.
  • The Plan takes a “families first” approach where youth are supported to return home when possible, recognizing that some youth are unable to return to a safe home.
  • Support will also be provided for the development of targeted responses to support specific subpopulations of youth, including LGBTQ, Aboriginal and immigrant youth at risk of homelessness or who find themselves homeless.
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