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Information for Potential Referrals

  • Possession or use of alcohol, alcohol-based products, such as mouthwash and illicit drugs are prohibited while living at the Centre.
  • Residents are required to provide urine samples to determine the presence or absence of alcohol or drugs when requested.
  • No knives or weapons are permitted on Centre property. Only authorized items are permitted. Please refer to the list attached to the application form.
  • If applicable, Alberta Works will provide medication and a personal spending allowance for residents at the Centre. Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) is suspended while living at the Centre.
  • Residents will be charged room and board and are required to pay for their own medications if they derive their income from: a private trust, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, or Workers Compensation. Room and board fees will be adjusted if medication expenses are extreme.
  • Residents must be detoxed prior to admission to the Centre.
Modified: 2018-11-09
PID: 15563