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McCullough Centre

Located near Lac Ste. Anne, The McCullough Centre (formerly Gunn Centre) is provincially owned and operated under the department of Human Services. The Centre has been addressing the needs of homeless Albertans since 1949.

The name of the centre has been changed to reflect its new mandate and alignment with “A Plan for Alberta: Ending Homelessness in 10 Years.” The mandate change includes a six-month temporary residency provision for homeless men with addictions and mental health issues. The renewed focus is on stabilization, recovery and partnership with Housing First programs. The ultimate goal for the program is to provide sustainable long-term housing within the larger community.

Under Alberta’s Plan to End Homelessness, the facility provides interim housing for up to six months for 115 men age 18-65 who are homeless with addictions. Each resident is provided with a private bedroom in a cottage shared with three to six men. Food, medication and extra recreational activities are provided within the facility.

In addition, residents are expected to contribute to tasks and general duties throughout the Centre as engagement and responsibility to one’s living environment. McCullough Centre is a drug and alcohol free living environment.

Supporting Client Centered Practice

Staff and external providers work with clients to develop a comprehensive Lifestyle Support Plan.  The plan focuses on providing holistic care while addressing overall wellness, medical stabilization, nutrition, and employment capacity. Housing options may also be discussed. Plan goals may be related to mental or physical health support, addictions recovery and treatment, literacy, personal identification, income tax applications, PDD, and financial benefit applications.

Enhancing Life Skills Through a Holistic Approach

To fulfill Lifestyle Support Plans, dedicated staff and service providers offer services focusing on:

  • Stabilization: Staff and service providers provide physical and mental health support. This multidisciplinary team includes staff made up of recovery support personnel and external service providers, including a doctor, clinical social worker, eye doctor and dentist.
  • Addictions Recovery: Counselors are available for one-on-one and group sessions.
  • Nutrition: Staff provide nutritional support by helping to develop cooking skills, nutritional awareness and healthy choices. The primary focus is on overall health, wellness and recovery.
  • Community Commitment: Residents partake in daily tasks contributing to and embracing the spirit of community.

Housing First options will be offered preceding the program at McCullough Centre.

Making a Referral to McCullough Centre

Residents of McCullough Centre are referred by clients themselves, shelters, psychiatric hospitals, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and provincial correctional facilities.

Please note:

  • Individuals with substance abuse difficulties are expected to detoxify.
  • Applicants with a history of sexual abuse charges will not be accepted.
  • Applicants with a history of assault or that may cause harm to themselves or others will be evaluated by the intake committee to determine eligibility for residence.

Please contact the Intake Coordinator at: 780‑967‑2221 ext 0. Applicants must complete an application, medical assessment, and phone interview as part of the admission process.


Contact Information

The McCullough Centre is located 65km northwest of Edmonton overlooking Lac Ste. Anne.

Mailing Address:
Alberta Human Services
McCullough Centre
Box 130
Gunn, Alberta T0E 1A0
Phone: 780‑967‑2221
Fax: 780‑967‑3494

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