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McCullough Centre

The McCullough Centre (the Centre) is provincially owned and operated under the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The Centre is located in Gunn Alberta, 65km northwest of Edmonton. The name of the Centre has been changed to reflect its mandate and alignment with “A Plan for Alberta: Ending Homelessness in 10 Years.” The mandate change includes a 6–12 month residency provision (with a possibility of extension) for homeless men with addictions and/or mental health issues. The renewed focus is on stabilization, recovery and transition including partnerships with Housing First programs. The ultimate goal for the program is to provide sustainable long-term housing to an outside community.

The Centre provides interim housing for men aged 18–65 who are homeless with addictions and/or mental health issues. Each participant is provided with a private bedroom in a house shared with three to six men. Food is provided within the Centre.  Where applicable, some Participants may be required to pay Room & Board payments and medication payments.  Those in receipt of Income Support or AISH benefits will have medical coverage.

McCullough Centre is a drug and alcohol free living environment and participants are expected to abstain from drugs and/or alcohol while stabilizing and focusing on personal development.  Participants are expected to engage in programming and contribute to the Centre through work-related activities.

Supporting client–centered practice

Staff and service providers work with Participants to develop a comprehensive Lifestyle Support Plan (LSP).  The plan focuses on providing holistic care while addressing overall wellness, medical stabilization, nutrition, and employment capacity.  LSP goals may be related to physical and mental health support, addictions and recovery, personal development, training and employment, and financial benefits with the ultimate goal of community integration and long term sustainable housing.

Enhancing personal development through a holistic approach

To fulfill Lifestyle Support Plans, dedicated staff and service providers offer services focusing on:

  • Stabilization: Staff and service providers provide physical and mental health support. This multidisciplinary team includes staff made up of recovery support personnel and external service providers, including a doctor, clinical social worker, and dietician.  Other medical services can be accessed in the local community.
  • Addictions/Recovery: Counselors are available for individual and group sessions.
  • Nutrition: Staff provide nutritional support by helping to develop cooking skills, nutritional awareness and healthy choices. The primary focus is on overall health, wellness and recovery.
  • Community Commitment: Participants partake in daily tasks contributing to and embracing the spirit of the Centre’s community.

Making a referral to McCullough Centre

Applicants are self-referred or can be referred by community, health or government professionals, shelters, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres and provincial correctional facilities.

As part of the admission process, applicants must complete an application and phone interview. Click on the link below to complete the application. Submit your completed application by fax to 587-759-5357 or email to Follow up with a call to McCullough Centre at 780-967-2221 for a phone interview.  Your file will be closed if no contact has been made within one week of your application being submitted.


  • Men who are experiencing substance abuse difficulties will be required to detox for a minimum of five days prior to arrival.
  • Applicants with mobility issues will be assessed to ensure the Centre is equipped to physically serve their needs.
  • Applicants with convictions and/or current charges of a sexual or violent nature may not be accepted.
  • Applicants who are likely to present a physical risk to themselves or others may not be accepted.

Other Information

  • Possession or use of alcohol, alcohol-based products, aerosol products (mouthwash, cologne etc.) and illicit drugs are prohibited while residing at the Centre.
  • Participants are required to provide urine samples to determine the presence or absence of alcohol or drugs when requested.
  • No knives or weapons are permitted on Centre property. Only authorized items are permitted. Please refer to the list included in the Application.
  • The Income Support program provides a comforts allowance and medical coverage for eligible participants at the Centre. Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) benefits are suspended while living at the Centre however medical coverage is still continued.
  • Self-funded participants (Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Workers Compensation, etc.) will be charged room and board and are required to pay for their own medications. Room and board fees will be adjusted if medication expenses are extreme.


Application Form

Contact Information

McCullough Centre, Community and Social Services
Box 130
Gunn, Alberta T0E 1A0
Phone: 780-967-2221
Fax: 587-759-5357
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