Strategy #16 - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Strategy #16

Examine ways of reducing poverty to help prevent homelessness.

Poverty is often a factor in cases of homelessness, albeit to varying degrees. Policy approaches to reduce poverty can help reduce instances of homelessness.
It is important to note that reducing poverty is not simply about more “handouts” and larger subsidy cheques. It is about helping Albertans earn and retain greater income, through supportive programs and other efforts, so they can keep up with rising costs of living and afford to keep a home. Many Albertans who face homelessness are participants in the labour force; for these Albertans, a minor illness or a single missed paycheque can trigger an episode of homelessness. Lifting more Albertans out of poverty will make a difference in preventing and ending homelessness.

All governments have a hand in reducing poverty, through tax reduction, program assistance, and other measures.

As part of implementing the Plan, the Secretariat will examine ways in which poverty impacts homelessness, and will encourage further study by the Alberta government to determine ways of reducing these impacts.

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