Strategy #14 - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Strategy #14

Develop approaches for homeless-serving agencies to share client information.

A cornerstone of a housing first philosophy is the use of effective case management to connect homeless Albertans with the supports needed to help re-house them and help them achieve stability. Inter-agency collaboration is an important aspect of this approach as is education and training of the staff.

Homeless-serving agencies and program providers need to share information so that supports are integrated, and are delivered efficiently and effectively. However, the province’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act can make sharing information a difficult exercise. While the protection of privacy of individuals and families must be preserved, it is important that privacy regulations do not act as a barrier to getting Albertans the assistance they need.

As part of implementing the Plan, ways of enabling efficient sharing of client information will be examined while continuing to protect the privacy of clients.

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