Strategy #12 - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Strategy #12

Work with other levels of government to create additional housing options.

There may also be ways in which the federal governments and municipal governments could encourage landlords and developers to create additional housing options.

Municipal governments have considerable tools at their disposal, since most housing developments are approved at the municipal level. Changes to municipal bylaws, zoning and building codes, for example, could:

  • facilitate the creation of more secondary suites in homes, bringing more rental accommodation to market;
  • allow for higher-density developments, enabling better economies of scale and making homes for rent and purchase more affordable;
  • free up land for the development of more affordable housing stock; and
  • provide property tax incentives.

The federal government could also play a role in encouraging greater availability of housing options. Its most effective tool is the Income Tax Act, which could be used to provide tax incentives to developers and landlords.

As part of implementing the Plan, the Secretariat will examine possible ways that the federal government and Alberta municipal governments could encourage the creation of more housing options in Alberta.

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