Strategy #11 - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Strategy #11

Increase the availability of permanent housing with supports.

A greater number of housing options must be made available in order to facilitate rapid re-housing of homeless Albertans and prevent further homelessness from occurring.

Rental housing is an important component of the housing mix. With purchase affordability in Alberta currently low, the number of Albertans demanding rental accommodation has increased. The current market conditions give landlords the ability to select preferred tenants for their buildings. This makes it difficult for homeless and at-risk Albertans to secure rental accommodation, especially those from specialized groups.

Most landlords will be prepared to rent to Albertans facing special challenges, provided the landlords are guaranteed that rents will be paid and that tenants will be adequately supported. The development of incentive programs can build productive relationships with landlords and encourage landlords to make more existing rental accommodation available.

Developers also play an important role in creating more housing options, including affordable housing, new rental units, and other housing options for specialized groups such as seniors, youth, those with addictions, or those with mental illness or physical illness. The use of financial incentives, tax measures, or other strategies may be needed to encourage developers to create a mix of housing options.

As part of implementing the Plan, the Secretariat will study the range of housing options required in Alberta, and examine possible strategies the Alberta government could employ to encourage their development and availability.

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