Strategy #10 - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Strategy #10

Support community plans to end homelessness.

The Plan for Alberta is intended to provide province-wide direction and to support community-based plans to end homelessness. Although the province has a strong role to play in coordinating actions and funding initiatives, action on ending homelessness must be led at the community level.

Many community plans have been developed across Alberta. Some efforts have been led by municipal governments, while others have been led by community-based organizations. The nature and extent of homelessness varies from community to community. Consequently, not all plans utilize a 10-year time horizon, nor do they all include identical strategies and priorities. 

A mandate of the Secretariat’s planning work is to provide a framework to support the efforts of Alberta’s municipalities and community-based organizations to address homelessness. The Secretariat believes this is best accomplished by articulating broad provincial direction to help inform municipalities and community-based organizations, and by taking actions at the provincial level that encourage alignment with this direction.

The Plan for Alberta sets a new direction for the province, towards a housing first philosophy. The Secretariat wishes to encourage this approach in local efforts to end homelessness.

To this end, implementation of the Plan will make provision for the support of community plans that include a housing first philosophy and which meet established criteria. These criteria will be developed by the Secretariat, and will be based on best practices that are effective at ending homelessness and which are consistent with a housing first philosophy. Such criteria may include:

  • Using outcome-based contracting with homeless-serving agencies and shelters;
  • Employing effective case management;
  • Placing a focus on rapid re-housing and identifying appropriate local strategies;
  • Ensuring adequate supports for specialized groups.

Once developed, criteria will be made publicly available in order to inform municipalities, community-based organizations and agencies in their planning efforts.

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