Strategy #5 - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Strategy #5

Continue employing emergency assistance programs in order to prevent homelessness.

A critical component of ending homelessness is making sure that more individuals and families do not slip into homelessness when they are at high risk of doing so. When an individual or family hits a financial crisis, the risk of losing the home is heightened. Rental shortfalls or utility arrears can quickly push an individual or family into homelessness.

The Alberta government currently offers a number of assistance programs aimed at helping Albertans who are at risk of losing their homes. Recently, in response to the recommendations of the Alberta Affordable Housing Task Force, two additional programs have been established:

Homeless and Eviction Prevention Fund – This program provides a range of short-term assistance to any Alberta individual or family at risk of losing their rental home, including: payment of rental arrears, utility arrears, and rent shortfalls.

Direct to Tenant Rent Supplement – This subsidy is paid directly to an eligible tenant to assist with rental costs, and is delivered by local housing management bodies. The rent supplement covers the shortfall between the negotiated market rate and 30% of a household’s adjusted income.

The Alberta government will annually review homeless prevention programs in order to ensure they are meeting their objectives as Alberta’s economy continues to grow. Where necessary, these programs will be reinforced so that they continue to effectively prevent further homelessness from occurring. The eligibility requirements of these programs will also be reviewed as part of the comprehensive review of Alberta government assistance programs (see Strategy #6).

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