Strategy #3 - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Strategy #3

Establish a research arm to inform policy development and share best practices.

There is a need to increase research capacity regarding homelessness, including research on the factors that contribute to homelessness; best practices in addressing homelessness; and analysis about the state of the homeless in Alberta. Building and sharing knowledge will be essential in order to improve and adjust policies, programs and approaches aimed at ending homelessness. This includes education and training of current staff and the future workforce in homeless-serving organizations.

The creation of a research arm will aid Alberta’s efforts to end homelessness through:

  • analyzing homelessness data gathered within Alberta and evaluating progress and program effectiveness;
  • conducting coordinated research among associated research partners;
  • reviewing national and international research and providing evidence-based advice to governments, agencies and communities;
  • sharing best practices and evidence-informed strategies;
  • contributing to ongoing planning and policy development;

An appropriate model and structure for the research arm will be developed – this may be as part of the Secretariat, a new independent institute, or a new program at an existing research institution. Funding will be identified for the research arm as part of the Plan’s implementation.

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