Strategy #2 - Alberta Human Services - Government of Alberta

Strategy #2

Establish a provincial electronic information management system and provide funding for its deployment.

Alberta needs to implement a homelessness information management system. Currently a number of different data systems are in use, making reporting and data gathering less efficient. A central system will facilitate more consistent information collection, and will make sharing and analyzing information easier.

Since a province-wide information management system is an immediate priority, the Secretariat believes that a web-based IT solution should be adopted, rather than the creation of a mandated software system. A web-based approach would enable agencies to easily input data to a central, provincial-level system, no matter where they are located or what computer software system they currently use. There are several software products in use across North America and these will be evaluated for their adaptability and suitability based on Alberta’s requirements.

Alberta’s provincial data collection system needs to be robust and flexible, allowing for changes down the road. It must have the ability to track case management and identify how clients are entering the homeless system. It should allow for import and export of data in a meaningful way. It must have a user-friendly interface so that it is simple to use and understand. It must also be inherently easy to learn. Social service providers are already facing high demands on their time and labour, and must not be burdened with complex training requirements for a new system.

The provincial data collection system must also be affordable. The Alberta government will fund the system’s development, implementation and training, and will engage communities in this process.

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