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Concluding Comments

Ending homelessness won’t happen overnight. It will take hard work and commitment on the part of governments, communities, homeless-serving agencies and the private sector. It will also require continuous monitoring and improvement to refine best practices, information and investments.

The work will be difficult, but the benefits will be lasting.

Albertans take pride in their innovation, their courage and their collective community spirit. We’re inspired by great challenges and relish great triumphs. Albertans believe in the power of the individual and the right of every Albertan to have the opportunity to realize and maximize their potential.

We also believe in the responsibility of society to help when needed. For a people as proud as ours, the continuation of homelessness is simply not an option.

Homelessness should be ended in this province. It is simply the right thing to do.

The Plan for Alberta, backed by solid investment, will accomplish this bold objective, and will build a stronger, better, prouder Alberta.


The Secretariat would like to thank:
  • All board members for their excellent input
  • Government of Alberta
  • Human Services 
  • Community based organizations during the consultation process
  • Municipal government representatives for their support and encouragement
  • Homeless individuals who provided their perspective in clear and passionate terms
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