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Staying On Track

The Plan for Alberta is a bold plan to end homelessness in Alberta. It won’t be accomplished overnight. The Plan is a strategic road map for 10 years of action, and detailed work will take place over the entire length of the Plan.

The strategic elements of the Plan have been prioritized for action. As funding commitments are established, the Secretariat will identify specific activities and timelines for each area of work.

Work on some elements will begin immediately, over the first year of the Plan. This includes the implementation of an information management system; new data collection standards; and the establishment of a research arm, in order to inform future work with better data about homelessness.

Increasing the availability of housing options will be an immediate priority, as will supporting community plans to end homelessness. Work will also commence at making Alberta government programs and services more easily accessible to Albertans.

During the first 12 months the Secretariat will also undertake detailed review of operating and capital funding requirements of the Plan for Alberta (see Section 7, “An Affordable Plan”).

Immediate Priorities - The First 12 Months

Strategy #1: Develop standards for data collection about homelessness, including the use of common definitions, methods and counting.
Strategy #2: Establish a common electronic information management system and provide funding for its deployment.
Strategy #3: Establish a research arm to inform policy development and share best practices.
Strategy #7: Make it easier for clients to connect with Alberta government programs and services.
Strategy #10: Support community plans to end homelessness.
Strategy #11: Increase the availability of permanent housing with supports.
Strategy #15: Simplify personal identification requirements for accessing programs and services.

In the short term, as better data collection is implemented, the Secretariat will develop outcome measures based on evidence. These outcomes will be measured regularly to track progress on the Plan and will be reported to Albertans.

Data and evidence will also inform the Secretariat’s work on other strategic elements of the Plan. These include reviewing emergency assistance programs; revising funding arrangements with agencies; and developing approaches to prevent system discharges into homelessness.

Over the longer-term implementation of the Plan, the availability of housing options will continue to be increased. The operational focus of emergency shelters will be shifted over time to adopt a Housing First approach. Ongoing identification and removal of legislative and regulatory barriers will also occur over the life of the Plan.

Shorter-Term Priorities - The Next 24 months

Strategy #4: Measure outcomes and track progress on a regular, ongoing basis.
Strategy #5: Continue employing emergency assistance programs in order to prevent homelessness.
Strategy #6: Reformulate Alberta government assistance programs to ensure they achieve the coordinated objective of providing Albertans with housing stability.
Strategy #8: Review and revise funding and administrative arrangements with homeless-serving agencies. 
Strategy #9: Develop approaches to prevent provincial systems from discharging clients into homelessness.
Strategy #14: Develop approaches for homeless-serving agencies to share client information.

Longer-Term Priorities - Ongoing Efforts

Strategy #12: Work with other levels of government to create additional housing options.
Strategy #13: Shift expectations and develop outcome measures for emergency shelters in Alberta.
Strategy #16: Examine ways of reducing poverty to help prevent homelessness.
Strategy #17: Identify legislative and regulatory changes to advance the objectives and elements of the Plan for Alberta.

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