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Setting The Vision

Adopting A Bold Vision

Homelessness is unacceptable in a province as prosperous as Alberta. No Albertan should be forced to live on the streets or remain in a shelter for an extended period of time. Albertans have the resources, the creativity and the compassion to effectively address homelessness in their communities. For a province built on great achievements and innovation, and a people who don’t shy away from big challenges, the Secretariat has set a bold vision for its Plan:

Homelessness is ended in Alberta by 2019

This will mean that even though there may still be emergency shelters available for those who become homeless, those who become homeless will be re-housed into permanent homes within 21 days.

A Principal-Based Plan

The Secretariat established a set of principles that underpin its Plan and which illustrate what this bold vision means for Alberta.

  • Everyone has access to safe, affordable, permanent housing.
    Every Albertan has a permanent place to live – a place that is secure and stable, and where necessary, barrier-free. A permanent place they can call a home.
  • Addressing root causes of homelessness is essential to ending homelessness.
    The challenges that contribute to homelessness – be it poverty, mental illness, physical illness, addiction, or others – are effectively addressed to help Albertans achieve stability and to prevent homelessness from occurring.
  • Preventing and ending homelessness is a shared responsibility of all orders of government, the community, the corporate sector, service providers, and citizens.
    Homelessness isn’t ended through Alberta government action alone. An ongoing spirit of partnership among governments and communities – including businesses, not-for-profit agencies, and private citizens – helps prevent and end homelessness in Alberta communities.
  • Programs and services are evidence-informed in their planning, and demonstrate measurable outcomes.
    Effective programs and services prevent further homelessness from occurring, and help those who are homeless return to housing stability. Good information and research data about homelessness ensures that programs and services are efficient in their operation and effective at achieving their objectives. Staff of homeless serving agencies need training and professional development to build capacity to deliver on these objectives.
  • Current essential services and supports are maintained during the transition to permanent housing.
    Homeless Albertans are re-housed and are provided with the opportunity to access services and supports that are contemporary, adequate, and effective in helping them achieve stability and maintain housing.
  • Goals and initiatives are client-centered and community-driven.
    Each community faces unique challenges. Each needs flexibility to address those challenges in ways that work best for that community, and are most effective for its homeless and at-risk residents. Action on homelessness must be community-led.
  • Funding is long-term, predictable, and aligned with a community plan to end homelessness.
    Community plans to end homelessness are supported with predictable funding that helps municipalities and community-based organizations implement outcome-driven programs, services and initiatives that prevent and end homelessness.
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