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Write a personal directive

Plan ahead. Writing a personal directive is the smart thing to do.

What’s important to know

There are step-by-step directions below.

You can write a personal directive in your home. You don’t have to submit any documents to the court or the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee. As soon as you and your witness sign it, it’s a legal document.

Planning ahead is the smart thing to do. Every Albertan who is 18 years of age or older should have:

You write a personal directive when you can still make your own decisions. Your agent does not make decisions for you until you need help, which is confirmed through a capacity assessment.

Show Answer Step 1: Read the instructions

Instruction sheet for personal directives (PDF, 204.6 KB)

Please pay special attention to the part about signatures.

Show Answer Step 2: Write your personal directive

Fill out the form below or use it as a guide. As long as you include the proper signatures, you can write your personal directive without a form.

Schedule 1: Personal Directive (PDF, 32.96 KB)

Don’t forget

  • talk with your agent about your wishes so he or she is prepared to make decisions for you and knows what you would want
  • keep your personal directive in a safe place
  • make copies of your personal directive and give them to your agent, your doctor and other key people (e.g. the manager of your care facility, if you live in one)

Show Answer Step 3: (Optional) Register your personal directive

If you register your personal directive with the Government of Alberta, approved health care professionals can access your contact information, plus the contact information of your agent, if need be.

Register your personal directive now

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