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Webcast series

The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT) is offering an ongoing learning series to help Albertans understand the services and resources the office provides.

While most adult Albertans have the capacity to make personal and financial decisions on their own, there are some who cannot or who need help due to circumstances that affect their capacity such as an illness, injury, or a developmental disability.

A series of monthly free webcasts will focus on practical tips for individuals, caregivers, and professionals for dealing with life changes and the resources that are available to help.

The OPGT supports about 30,000 Albertans, including close to 1,300 adults where the OPGT acts as a guardian and trustee.

Previous Webcast Topics

The Duties of a Private Guardian and Private Trustee
This webcast provides information on the duties of a guardian and a trustee as well as some tips and best practices. It is directed at private guardians & trustees, as well as service providers.
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Agent and Attorney Duties and Authority
Has someone named you to act as their decision maker in a personal directive or enduring power of attorney? Perhaps you are already acting in one or both of these roles for a loved one. This webcast provides information on the authority and responsibilities of an agent named in a personal directive and an attorney named in an enduring power of attorney.
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Advance Planning (personal directives & enduring power of attorney)
In this informative webcast employees from Alberta’s Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee provide you with information about the legal tools you can prepare now, in case you are unable to make decisions in the future. The session also provides brief information about wills.
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An Overview of AGTA Decision Making Options
This webcast looks at some important and often misunderstood considerations around the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act (AGTA), including:

  • Key Concepts and Principles
  • Decision Making Options
  • The Court Application Process
  • Concerns about Legal Decision Makers
  • The Role of the Public Guardian & Public Trustee

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