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Personal matters | Options

If you or someone you know needs help making decisions about personal matters, there are options.

People often think that if someone isn’t capable of making personal decisions, a friend or family member (e.g. a spouse or a parent) can make decisions for them. This isn’t necessarily true. If that person is an adult, there are limits to what friends and family can do without legal authority. These are the options available.

Personal directives
Choose someone you trust to make personal decisions for you in the future.

Supported decision-making
Give someone authority to access your personal information, and help you make and communicate your decisions.

Become a co-decision-maker so you can make personal decisions with, rather than for, someone who needs support.

Guardianship of an adult
Become a guardian so you can make personal decisions for someone.

Specific decision-making
Learn how family can make one-time decisions about health care or temporary placement into residential care.

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