Deceased persons

When no one else can be found to handle a deceased person's estate, the Public Trustee will be called upon as a last resort. The Public Trustee will act as the personal representative of the estate and handle all the duties from locating all the assets, paying debts and funeral costs and distributing inheritance to beneficiaries.

If you are a beneficiary of an estate being administered by the Public Trustee, here are some helpful tips:

  • Be sure to respond to requests quickly
  • Be prepared to show your birth or baptismal certificate showing your place and date of birth, and your parents' names
  • Provide your social insurance number for tax purposes
  • Notify the Public Trustee immediately of assets that should be distributed 'as is' to prevent them from being sold
  • Refer to the deceased person's name, file number, or both when contacting the Public Trustee's Office
  • Be patient - it takes time to properly administer an estate


Modified: 2013-02-01
PID: 15408