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Find a capacity assessor | How it works

When you apply for guardianship, trusteeship or co-decision-making, you must have the adult’s ability to make decisions assessed by a professional.

What’s important to know

This information is about capacity assessments for:

  • guardianship
  • trusteeship
  • co-decision-making

Learn about capacity assessments for personal directives

Before a capacity assessment, the adult must have a check-up with a doctor to make sure they don’t have a temporary, reversible medical condition that is affecting their ability to make decisions. For example, a urinary tract infection can cause confusion in people who are frail.


Show Answer What is a capacity assessment?

A capacity assessment is a process where a person’s ability to make personal and/or financial decisions is evaluated by a professional.

The capacity assessor meets with the adult and asks them questions to determine the degree to which they can make decisions in different areas of life.

You can find more information about capacity assessments in the document below.

Guide for capacity assessors

Show Answer Who can do a capacity assessment?

Capacity assessors are professionals who are qualified to evaluate an adult’s ability to make decisions.

They include:

  • all family physicians
  • all psychologists
  • all psychiatrists
  • designated capacity assessors – these are registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, social workers or occupational therapists who are trained and meet certain requirements

Show Answer Are there forms to complete?

When they complete an assessment, the capacity assessor fills out one of the forms below:

The form must be signed within six months of when you submit your application for guardianship, trusteeship or co-decision-making.

Show Answer Where can I find a capacity assessor?

All physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists can do capacity assessments. This includes your family doctor.

There is also a list of capacity assessors

Show Answer Is there a cost?

In Alberta, the maximum fee for a capacity assessment is:

  • $500 for a guardianship, trusteeship or co-decision-making application
  • $700 for a combined guardianship and trusteeship application

The cost of a capacity assessment can vary, depending on who is performing it. For example, some family doctors consider it part of their practice and may charge a reduced fee.

If the cost of a capacity assessment is a financial hardship for you, contact the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee for more information.

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