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Financial matters | Options

The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT) helps with financial matters in a variety of ways.

Decision-making support

People often think that if someone isn’t capable of making financial decisions, a friend or family member (e.g. a spouse or a parent) can make decisions for them. This isn’t necessarily true. If that person is an adult, there are limits to what friends and family can do without legal authority. These are the options available.

Enduring power of attorney
Choose someone you trust to make financial decisions on your behalf now and/or in the future.

Informal trusteeship
Help someone with a disability manage the money they get from a government program like Canada Pension or Old Age Security.

AISH benefits administration program
Have OPGT pay your bills with your monthly AISH cheque.

CPP Disabilty benefits administration program
Have OPGT pay your bills with your monthly CPP Disability cheque.

Become a trustee so you can make financial decisions for someone who needs help.

Examination and approval of trustee’s accounts
Prepare financial records for review by the court if you are a trustee.

Other services

Assets of a minor
Find out how the OPGT protects and manages assets awarded to minors.

Deceased persons’ estates
Find out how the OPGT helps if someone dies and there’s no one to bury them or settle their estate.

International wills
Register your international will.

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