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Complaints | File a complaint

Complaints must be written, signed and submitted to the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.

1. Put it in writing

Complaints must be submitted in writing. Forms are provided below but you don’t have to use them. As long as your complaint is in writing and you sign it, it is acceptable.

Complaint Respecting a Co-decision-maker, Guardian or Trustee (PDF, 157.3 KB)

Complaint to the Public Guardian (PDF, 27.3 KB)

Please include your name and signature. We can’t accept anonymous complaints.

2. Submit it

We suggest you mail or fax your complaint. An email complaint usually doesn’t include a signature, so we can’t accept it.

Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee
4th floor, John E. Brownlee Building
10365-97 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3Z8


Find out what happens to your written complaint

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