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Private Guardianship

Private Guardianship provides an alternative to adoption as a permanency option for children. Any adult who has had the continuous care of a child for a period of more that six months may apply to the Court for a private guardianship order if the child or the applicant resides in Alberta. The court application may be made on behalf of the applicant by the Ministry with respect to a child who is in the permanent care of the Ministry.

The court may consider the application

  • if it is in the best interest of the child
  • if the child is 12 years of age or older and consents to the guardianship
  • if the guardian(s) of the child have given proper consents

The court may grant the order

  • if the court is satisfied that the applicant is able and willing to assume the responsibility of a guardian toward the child, and
  • if the applicant is suitable to be appointed as a guardian

A home study report completed by a qualified person may be required by the court if the child is not in permanent care of the Ministry. A home assessment report completed by the Ministry is required to apply for private guardianship of a child who is in the permanent care of the Ministry.

If the child was in government care at the time of the private guardianship order, and was the subject of a Permanent Guardianship Agreement or Permanent Guardianship Order, the person who was made the private guardian of the child may qualify for assistance under the Supports for Permanency.

If you would like more information about Private Guardianship, please contact your nearest Child and Family Services offices, or Delegated First Nation Agency.

Modified: 2015-03-25
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