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Budget information

Learn how to make or change your budget for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits Administration Program.

Show Answer Make your first budget

When you start the program, you and your Primary Contact Person (PCP) make a budget. It tells the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee which bills need to be paid each month and who the money goes to.

You can include monthly and weekly expenses.

This is an example of a budget (PDF, 294.6 KB)

Fill out one of the budget forms below and ask your PCP to give it to your service provider.

  • Short form (PDF, 188.2 KB) – use this form if you have only a few bills to pay each month
  • Long form (PDF, 189.3 KB) – use this if you have a long budget

Your budget can include things like:

  • pay my rent
  • pay my utilities (water, gas, telephone, etc.)
  • give me $X.00 for my groceries
  • give me $X.00 for spending money
  • I want to save $X.00 for something special

The budget example above includes groceries and spending money. You will probably want cash for these items. To do this, you need a personal bank account. Money is transferred into your personal bank account, where you withdraw it as cash.

Weekly deposits can be made on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

Your CPP Disability cheque is deposited in your trust account on the third last banking day of the month. This is the same day your bills are paid.

Show Answer Change your monthly budget

You might need to change your monthly budget if, for example, your rent goes up.

Talk it over with your PCP first. Then fill out a new budget form and list only the things you want to change or add.

For example, if your rent went from $375 to $400 per month, you would fill out the Monthly Expenses section like this:

  • Name of payee: Name of your landlord
  • Address: Landlord’s address
  • Purpose: Rent
  • Amount: $400
  • Schedule: Monthly

Because your rent was $25 higher each month, you might also need to adjust your budget in another area. Instead of $40 per week for spending money, you might take $34. You would include this in form, too:

  • Name of payee: Your name
  • Address: Direct deposit
  • Purpose: Spending
  • Amount: $34
  • Schedule: Weekly

You don’t have to list all of your monthly expenses – only the ones that are changing.

Your PCP gives the form to the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.

Show Answer Take out money for a one-time expense

If you have savings, you can take money out of your account for things that are not listed in your budget.

First, talk it over with your PCP. Then, fill out the One Time Expenses section on a new budget form.

For example, if you wanted to buy a special piece of clothing, you would fill out your form like this:

  • Name of payee: Your name
  • Address: Direct deposit
  • Purpose: Clothing
  • Amount: $100
  • Schedule: One-time payment

When your PCP gives the form to the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, the money is transferred to your personal account, where you can withdraw it. This takes at least two days.

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