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Desk Application for Review of Guardianship and Trusteeship Order

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Application for Review of Guardianship and Trusteeship Order

If you already have a Guardianship and Trusteeship Order and you are applying for a review, this kit contains the court forms you’ll need.

There are two application paths – a desk application and an application by hearing. This kit is for a desk application.

  • In a desk application, the judge makes a decision based on the information in the application package. Unless someone objects to the application, you don’t have to go to court.

What’s important to know

  • This kit contains 10 forms in one electronic file. Start at the beginning with Form 19. Any repeating information, such as name and address, will automatically be added to the rest of the forms in the appropriate boxes.
  • On Form 19, after you enter all the information in Item 3.1, click the blue button below it that says “Click here to Create Consent Documents after completing Item 3.1”. This will create the correct number of required consent forms.
  • Once you’ve completed this kit, please review the information on all of the forms. Make sure the names and addresses are correct and that all questions and/or sections have been answered.
  • Please print all forms single-sided. The court will not accept double-sided forms.

Additional instructions

The links below provide additional instructions for each of the 10 forms included in this kit. You don’t need to download the forms; just use the instructions that accompany them.

Additional forms

In addition to the forms in the application kit, you’ll also need to submit these documents:

  • If the court has requested the review, it will say so on your court order. In that case, you need an updated capacity assessment, even if the adult has a permanent condition. This is the form: Capacity Assessment Report (Form 4 – Guardianship or Trusteeship or Both). It is completed by a physician, registered psychologist or a capacity assessor. It must be dated within six months of when you submit your application.
  • If the review is not required by the court but you are requesting one because you need to make a change to the court order (e.g. you’re changing who’s going to be guardian, alternate guardian, trustee or alternate trustee), you do not need an updated capacity assessment. However, when you apply, it’s a good idea to include a copy of the original capacity assessment that clearly indicates the adult’s condition is not going to change.
  • All new proposed guardians, alternate guardians, trustees and alternate trustees must fill out the forms below so we can do a reference check and criminal records check. We also do a credit check for new trustees and alternate trustees. (These forms are also referred to as “BackCheck/Sterling” forms).
  • If you are using a lawyer to complete your application, please include a Draft Order Form 23. If you are not using a lawyer, you don’t need to include it. The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee will complete it for you.
  • If you are applying for an examination and approval of trustee accounts at the same time, this package contains some but not all of the forms you’ll need. The other forms are online under Financial matters: Examination and approval of trustee’s accounts.

Help is available

If you require assistance, these organizations can help you complete an application at no cost.

Application help

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