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Desk Application for New Trusteeship Order

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Application for New Trusteeship Order

The Application for Trusteeship Kit contains the court forms needed to complete a new desk application for trusteeship only. While some of the information in these forms deals with guardianship, not all of the required forms for a guardianship application have been included in this kit.

General Instructions

In addition to the court forms included in this kit, you will need the following documents;

  • Capacity Assessment Report (Form 4 – Guardianship or Trusteeship or Both). The Capacity Assessment Report is completed by a physician, registered psychologist or an assessor designated under the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act.
  • Forms authorizing a criminal records check, a credit check as well as a reference check are required for all new proposed trustees and proposed alternate trustees (you may hear these called “BackCheck/Sterling” forms).
  • If this application is being completed with the assistance of a lawyer, a Draft Order Form 18. If you are not going through a lawyer, this form will be completed by the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.

If you require assistance, there are some community support agencies that can help you complete these forms. Please refer to the list of agencies to find one closest to you.

The Application for Trusteeship Kit has been designed so that most repeating information (names and addresses) will copy into the applicable sections of other forms. For example, once you have entered the ‘Adult’s Full Name’ in the top section of Form 14 – Application for Appointment of Guardian, Trustee or Both, that name will copy to question 2.1 of that same form as well as to all applicable areas in the other forms.

It is important that you review the information in all of the forms. Make sure that the names/addresses that have copied to other areas of the forms are correct and that all questions and/or sections have been answered.

The following instructions have been written for each form individually and as though they are being completed separately. If you are completing the forms online with your computer, some of the information entered into Form 14 – Application for Appointment of Guardian, Trustee or Both will automatically enter on other forms (e.g. the adult’s name). You need to complete Form 14 first so this feature will work.

Important: After entering all of the information in Item 5.1 of Form 14, you need to click on the blue button below this section – the one that states “Click Here to Create Consent Documents After Completing Item 5.1”. This will create the correct number of required consent forms.

Additional Instructions

What’s important to know

When printing these forms, please print them single sided to comply with the Rules of the Court.

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