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Form 39: Notice of Application and Hearing

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This form is used to notify people that an application has been made for a hearing regarding guardianship or trusteeship or both. It is sent to all individuals identified as being interested in the application and advises them of what to do should they wish to bring information forward to the Court. Please ensure that the information provided here matches the information in your application and supporting documents. Whenever you need additional room, click “add more” or attach additional pieces of paper if you are filling out a printed copy of the form. If you do not need a section, click “remove”.

In the first part, enter the Court file number and judicial centre. Enter the name of the adult and the applicant’s name.

  1. Enter a brief description of what the Court is being asked to do in your application e.g., name a trustee for the adult.
  2. Please complete this section with information about the hearing.
  3. Describe why the application is being made e.g. the adult has lost capacity due to an injury and needs a guardian.
  4. Check off the appropriate box and indicate under which section of the act the application is being made.
  5. List any other people who may be affected by the Court’s order e.g. spouse of the adult.
  6. List the individuals who will get served with this notice.
  7. List the individuals who you are asking the court not to serve.
  8. List the documents which have been filed to support your application.
  9. Check the line that indicates what costs are being requested and how they are being paid. This information should match the information in your application and affidavit. If you check other, be sure to explain as you did in your other documents.
  10. Complete your name and address and other contact information. If you are not a lawyer, do not complete the first three lines.
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