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Form 33: Guardian Annual Record of Decisions


This form is used to record the guardianship decisions you make for the proposed represented adult (hereafter called the adult). Include only major or important decisions made within your court-ordered areas of authority (e.g. health care, accommodations, etc.) You may find it helpful to refer to the guardianship plan that was approved by the Court at the time of the Order or your most recent review.

Court File Number: Enter the Court file number from your existing Order(s). Do not write anything in the court stamp box below the file number box.

Judicial Centre: Enter the same Judicial Centre that is on your existing Order(s). If you are completing the form on your computer, there is a drop down list of the available Judicial Centres. There is also a list provided at the end of these instructions. If you are unsure which Judicial Centre should be chosen, contact the Office of the Public Guardian.

Adult’s Full Name: Fill in the name of the adult as it appears on the existing Order(s). Use the same name all the way through the documents.

1. Fill in name of guardian(s) and name of adult.

2. Refer to your previous guardianship plan. If there were any expected decisions made within a certain time frame, indicate those dates as well as a short description of decisions you expected to make at the time the previous guardianship plan was written. If the existing order did not require a Guardianship Plan, indicate that there was no previous guardianship plan in place.

3. Indicate the time period for the decisions recorded. For example if your existing Order was granted on April 16, 2006 you may have the annual record begin April 17 or May 1, 2006 or some other date when you began making decisions under the authority of the order. The “To” date would be a date close to when you started preparing these guardianship review documents.

List the date, the major decision and any comments you feel would assist the Court when reviewing your order. If you are completing the application on your computer, you have the ability to add more boxes to provide the information required by clicking on the “Add Decision” button.

If you are completing the Application on paper, you can add separate pages or more space to provide the information required. Please note the form and item number on attachments. For example, at the top of the page put: Form 33, Item 3. Any time you add a page to the form, you will need to add a page number by hand (for example, if you insert a page of information after page 2, label the page ‘2a’) so that the Court can be sure it is reviewing a complete document.

4. If you have not made any decisions then explain why – e.g., adult was in a care facility and was medically stable so no health care decisions were needed.

All guardians must sign and date the form (alternate guardians do not sign this form). If you are completing the application on your computer, you have the ability to add more signature lines by clicking on the “Add Name” button. If not, you can just add more signature and date lines at the bottom of the page or on a separate sheet of paper.

What’s important to know

When printing these forms, please print them single sided to comply with the Rules of the Court.

Judicial Centres

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  • Edmonton
  • Fort McMurray
  • Grande Prairie
  • Lethbridge
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  • Red Deer
  • St. Paul
  • Wetaskiwin
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