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Form 30: Personal References

General Instructions

Each person applying to be appointed a guardian, trustee, alternate guardian, alternate trustee or co-decision-maker must complete a separate form and provide the names of two people who will provide personal references.

Note: Any person who is an existing guardian, trustee, alternate guardian or trustee, or co-decision-maker for the Adult does not have to fill out this form if they are applying for a review of the Order and plan to continue in their existing role.

In the first section, enter your name and the name of the adult as they appear on all other application documents (don’t use nicknames).

In the second section, indicate for which appointment your references will provide information.

In the final section, provide the names and day and evening phone numbers of your two references.

While the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act Regulations do not specify who can be utilized as a personal reference, the Office of the Public Guardian does recommend that you consider using people who have good knowledge of you, your decision making style, and your relationship with the proposed assisted/represented adult.

People who have participated in completing the application (e.g. your lawyer, the capacity assessor who assessed the adult) or are a party to the application (e.g. anyone who is also applying to be a guardian, trustee or alternate guardian in the application) are not recommended for use as references.

You must then sign and date the form in front of a witness and have the witness sign and print their name. Please note the witness cannot be the adult for whom the application is being made.

Additional Instructions

Modified: 2015-10-19
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