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Form 17: Notice of Application and Hearing – Appointment of Guardian, Trustee or Both

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This form is used to notify people that an application is being heard (in the Court of Queen’s Bench) regarding the appointment of a guardian, trustee or both for a proposed represented adult. If you are making this application by way of hearing, this form must be included with your application when submitting to the Office of the Public Guardian. If there are sections that do not pertain to your application, please omit them.

In the first section, please enter the name of the person who is the subject of the application- the “adult”. You are the applicant – fill in your name on that line.

  1. Enter your name in the first part and check the appropriate box(es) to match your application. Enter the adult’s name as well.
  2. Enter the date and time and place or judicial centre where the application will be heard.
  3. Enter the requested information for each person that will be appointed and which position they wish to have. Note you cannot apply to be a guardian and alternate guardian or the trustee and alternate trustee for the same adult. You can however apply to be the guardian and alternate trustee and name another person to be the trustee and alternate guardian.
  4. Check off the appropriate box(es) that pertain to the situation. If you check the last box “any other personal matter”, please provide details.
  5. Check this box if you are asking the court for authority to sell land owned by the adult. Land may include a house or condominium residence, farmland, investment property etc.
  6. Check off the documents that you have filed with the review officer that others may obtain. For example, if you are applying to be a guardian, you would check all boxes except the trusteeship plan. If you are applying to be guardian and trustee you would check off all boxes.

Applicants Address for Service – Complete your contact information and provide as much information as possible.

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