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Financial Support

Kinship Caregivers are financially compensated for the children in their care. This compensation includes:

  • Initial financial assistance to help with setting up for home to care for the child.
  • A daily basic maintenance allowance, based on the age of the child, to cover all of a child’s day-to-day costs of raising a child such as food, clothing, shelter, personal care items, general household costs and a spending allowance.
  • A respite allowance of $2.60 per child, per day for incidental costs associated with babysitting.
  • Medical coverage for each foster child is paid for through the child’s Personal Healthcare Number (PHN) or Treatment Services Card.
  • And any other child-related costs that you may have to pay up front and receive reimbursement for.
Modified: 2012-11-20
PID: 15442