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Training and Support

Some of the children and youth in foster care have specialized needs and behavioural challenges.

Foster parents receive training to help them care for children.

To assist foster parents in providing quality care, foster parent training is provided to help develop foster parenting skills.

Foster parents are reimbursed for all training-related costs, including transportation, accommodation, meals and babysitting.

Caregiver Orientation Training

Everyone interested in becoming a foster parent must attend caregiver orientation training. This training consists of eight, three-hour sessions. This training explores the applicant’s motivation for fostering and covers topics such as:

  • child development;
  • special needs of children in care;
  • duties and responsibilities of foster parents; and
  • supports provided to foster parents.

Level 1 Training

All new foster parents start at Level 1. Level 1 foster parents must complete an additional nine hours of training each year. Core training for foster parents is delivered through 31, three-hour modules which are grouped into eight categories:

  • Working with Legislation, Policies and Procedures
  • Facilitating Transitions
  • Identifying Influences on Child Development
  • Guiding Behaviour of Children and Youth
  • Managing the Environment of Children
  • Maintaining a Child’s Culture
  • Working with the Child’s Birth Family and Significant Others
  • Managing the Fostering Experience

Level 2 Training

Level 2 foster parents care for children or youth with higher needs, such as disabilities or behavioural challenges. Level 2 foster parents have completed all core training as well as additional training related to the specific needs of the child in their care. Level 2 foster parents must complete a minimum of 12 hours of supplementary training each year.

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