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Screening and Monitoring Foster Parents

During the application process potential foster parents and homes are screened. This includes:

  • Application – Includes demographic information, an indication of whether the family has ever received child intervention services and the names and ages of all other persons currently residing in the home.
  • Intervention Record Check – Must be completed on all adults residing in the home.
  • Criminal Record Check – The results of a criminal record check for each adult in the home, dated not earlier than six months prior to the date of the application, are required prior to the home assessment beginning and every three years thereafter upon approval.
  • Medical Reference – A positive medical report confirming each applicant’s capacity to provide care to a child.
  • Personal References – Three references from individuals, one of whom must be a relative. Two references must be personally interviewed.
  • Home Study – A structured, researched caregiver assessment model is used in assessing families to care for vulnerable children, thereby promoting child safety.
  • Safety Environment Assessment – Assessment of physical space; required before placement.

After a home is licensed, the foster parents and children in care are monitored on an ongoing basis. This includes:

  • Reviews – New homes must be assessed six months after they are licensed and annually thereafter.
  • Caseworker contact with child – Contact with the child once a month and one face-to-face contact every three months. Upon placement of the child, face-to-face contact once a month for the first three months.
  • Caseworker contact with caregiver – Contact at least once a month for the first three months after a placement and once every three months thereafter. Face-to-face contact with the foster parent occurs at least once every three months.
  • Licensing – Must renew license annually and demonstrate compliance to licensing.
Modified: 2015-02-05
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