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Foster & Kinship Care

Do you want information about becoming a foster parent to one or more of Alberta’s children? Are you a grandparent or other family member who wants to take care of your relatives’ children whose parents aren’t able to?

When children are not able to stay with their families, we look for other places they can call home.

Foster care is when children are placed in temporary homes with people they may not have a previous relationship with. Children may stay in a foster home for a few days or many years. Foster parents receives financial compensation, training and support for the care they provide foster children.

Happy ending for a little boy and his dad

Kinship care is when children are placed with extended family, such as a grandparent, or someone with whom they have a significant relationship. Kinship caregivers receive financial compensation, training and support similar to that of foster parents.

“How far you’ve come” – a web series that profiles former children in care and their caregivers.

October 16 to 22 is Foster and Kinship Caregiver Week. Our government is proud to support caregivers who offer safe, healthy and loving temporary homes to children and youth in needs. To join the celebration, view our event listing.

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