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Income Support

Income Support provides financial assistance to Albertans who do not have the resources to meet their basic needs, like food, clothing and shelter.

Albertans who are eligible for Income Support also receive:

Albertans in four general situations may qualify for Income Support:

  1. Cannot work due to chronic health problems or other barriers to employment (Barriers to Full Employment);
  2. Looking for work, working but not earning enough, or temporarily unable to work (Expected to Work);
  3. Need training so they can get a job (Learners);
  4. Faced with an unexpected, one-time Emergency that’s no fault of their own, e.g., sudden eviction due to fire (Emergency Allowance).

The level of assistance varies depending on each person’s situation including financial resources, ability to work and the number of children in the family. The following financial benefits summaries provide a more detailed breakdown of Income Support benefits:

Income Support recipients are encouraged and supported to work to increase their total income and gain valuable work experience. Income Support recipients keep all of their wages and only a portion of their employment earnings are taken into account when their benefits are calculated.

Anyone who leaves Income Support for employment can also continue to receive health benefits through the Alberta Adult Health Benefit.

How to apply for Income Support

For more information, please read our Income Support Publications.

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