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Other Child Care Subsidy Options

If day care is not suitable for your family, you may choose from other options which offer subsidies. They are:

Kin Child Care Funding Program

If you would like to pay relatives to care for your children, you may do so through the Kin Child Care program. Funding of up to $400 per month is available to eligible low- and middle-income families with children under the age of seven and not yet attending Grade 1, and $200 for school-age children (Grades 1-6).

To be eligible for subsidy, you must be working, seeking work, attending post-secondary education, have a special need or have a child with a special need. The relative caregiver must not live in your home.

Eligibility for Kin Child Care funding is also based on:

  • Total gross family income
  • Reason for child care
  • Minimum 50 hours of care required per month for children not yet attending Grade 1, or 25 hours of care for children attending Grades 1 to 6

More information about the Kin Child Care program.

Extended Hours Child Care Subsidy

Parents who work or attend classes during evenings or weekends may access extended hours subsidy up to $100 per month per child.

To be eligible for extended hours subsidy:

  • you, or your spouse/partner, or the child receiving care are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and live in Alberta;
  • you or your spouse/partner are Alberta residents;
  • your children are 12 years of age or younger and are not yet attending Grade 7;
  • you provide evidence of your extended working or school hours (outside of the time of Monday to Friday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.); and
  • qualify based on income.

Extended hours subsidy is not available in combination with Kin Child Care subsidy or Stay-At-Home subsidy.

Stay-at-Home Parents Support

Eligible families who have one parent who stays at home or works, volunteers or attends school less than 20 hours per week may qualify for a subsidy of up to $1,200 per year for each pre-school-aged child who attends a licensed pre-school or an approved early childhood development program. To learn more about applying for stay-at-home parent support, please see the Child Care Subsidy page.

What is an approved early childhood development program?

These are community-based services, approved by Child and Family Services, which provide opportunities for pre-school children to participate in activities that promote healthy child development. To find an early childhood development program in your community, please see the Child Care Look Up Tool .

Eligible Programs

  • Programs that promote parent and child literacy
  • Play-based early childhood programs (e.g., moms and tots programs)
  • Educational programs that help parents meet their child’s learning and developmental needs
  • Licensed pre-schools

Programs that do not qualify

  • Child care, where parents remain on-site (e.g., bingo halls, exercise facilities, etc.)
  • Services that currently provide cost-free programs (e.g., Parent Link Centres)
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