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Change Personal Information

There are various reasons why you need to update your information. They are:

  • You or the co-applicant no longer require child care (for example, you are no longer working, not attending school, no longer have special needs or you have looked for work longer than two months).
  • You have a decrease in annual income that may impact your subsidy benefits.

Other reasons to change your information:

  • Addition, removal or transfer of a child in child care
  • Change in marital status
  • Change of address or telephone number
  • Change of an applicant, co-applicant or dependant name
  • Change in the number of people in your family structure (e.g. addition of a dependant).
  • Change in “On Reserve” or “Métis Settlement” status

You can report changes online or print a change of information form and submit it and supporting documentation to your subsidy assessor.

Modified: 2013-09-27
PID: 15678