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How to Apply for Subsidy

Applying for Child Care

You can apply for child care subsidy using one of the following ways:

Child Care Subsidy
PO Box 1641, Station M
Edmonton, AB T5J 2N9

Fax: 780‑422‑5692

The Guide to Completing Your Subsidy Application is available to assist you in completing the application form.

If you or your child’s reason for care is a special need, you must submit a completed Verification of Valid Reason for Care – Special Needs form.

What Happens Next?

If approved for subsidy, you will receive a letter indicating the subsidy start and end date and the amount of child care subsidy your licensed or approved child care program will receive on your behalf. For Kin Child Care Subsidy applicants, upon approval of your subsidy, you will be required to complete a direct deposit form.

If your application is not approved, you will receive a Refusal Letter stating the reasons why subsidy was not approved. You can request a review of a subsidy decision by submitting completing the Administrative Review Request form within 30 days from the date of the decision.

If you did not submit all of your supporting documentation including the CRA Consent (Applicant Declaration and Acknowledgement) form when you applied, you will be given a two-month conditional approval period to submit them. Once all documents are received, subsidy may be provided for an additional 10 months. You will be responsible for returning any funds paid if all documentation is not submitted within the time period specified.

Modified: 2019-01-18
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