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Incentives to Work in Child Care

Children's Services has several incentives for those who are starting or resuming a career as a child development professional working in licensed and approved child care.

Careers in Child Care for High School Students or Graduates

If you are a high school student or graduate and wish to pursue a career as a child development professional, you may be able to access a $2,500 High School Child Care Scholarship provided by Alberta Children's Services to attend post-secondary programs in early learning and child care education. Learn more about this bursary.

Staff Attraction Incentive

If you are either new to the child care field or have not worked in the field for at least six months and find a full-time employment with a pre-accredited or accredited child care program, you may be eligible to access funding of up to $5,000 if you are certified as a Child Development Worker or Child Development Supervisor. Learn more about this incentive.

Child Care Wages in Alberta

If you are a certified individual and find an employment with a child care program participating in accreditation, you may be eligible to access a wage top-up (up to $6.62/hr over and above the employer paid wage) under the Alberta Child Care Accreditation Funding Program.

Child care operators are responsible for establishing the wages of their employees. The average hourly wage reported by employers for staff working in pre-accredited and accredited child care programs (licensed day careprograms, contracted family day home agencies, and licensed out-of-school care programs) as of June 2017 is indicated in the table below. Note: family day home providers are contracted with approved family day home agencies, therefore their wages are not included in calculation of the average wage shown in this chart.

Average Employer-Reported Hourly Wages’ of Child Care Staff – June 2017

Child Care Certification Level

Average Employer Paid Wage
(Without Wage Top-Up)

With Wage Top-Up

Pre-Accredited Program

With Wage Top-Up

Accredited Program

Child Development Assistant




Child Development Worker




Child Development Supervisor




Professional Development

If you are a certified staff working in a licensed day care program, contracted family day home agency or licensed out-of-school care program participating in accreditation, you may be eligible to receive a professional development funding through:

Important Note: The deadline for submitting Professional Development Grant Funding applications (Supplementary Form B) is March 31, 2018. This deadline is for reimbursement of workshops, conferences, tuition and/or text books that have been paid for (date of receipt) between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

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