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School Age Talk Box

The purpose of the Talk Box is to give parents suggestions to help create language-rich environments at home, in the park, at the mall, or anywhere. It is meant to be a resource for any parent. It is not meant to be a substitute for a speech-language pathologist.

How to Use the Talk Box – What is in the Talk Box, and how you can use it.

Checklists – What speech sounds children should be saying at each age.

Activities – Games that help with talking and listening skills.  Games that cost nothing and ones you can buy.

Newsletters – Everyday tips, activities to try with your 5-12 year old, what to expect, when to get help, and where to get help.

Learning More Than One Language – Information and tips for families where children are learning to speak more than one language.

Resource List – A list of books, DVDs, videos, and web sites with more information about speech and language development.

Referral Card – Where to Get Help when you need it

Created: 2013-10-25
PID: 17272