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Children’s Mental Health

In our lifetime, one in five people will experience a mental illness and as many as 10 per cent of people over the age of 15 will battle a drug or alcohol dependency. The societal impact is in the billions of dollars. The emotional impact on families and individuals is incalculable. While Alberta’s current programs and services are helping to address the needs of Albertans struggling with addiction, mental health problems and mental illness, we know that more has to be done.

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Mental Health Grants

Recognizing mental health as a contributing root cause that brings children and families to the attention of child intervention services, the province has dedicated $2 million dollars in funding in 2018/19 to:

  • Increase access to mental health specialists for assessment and brief intervention;
  • Recruit specialists (psychiatric nurse/pharmacist) to give child intervention staff access to expert clinical/medical consultation and help staff better understand the psychiatric treatment plans and use of psychotropic medications;
  • Support a best practice site in Calgary that increases mental health services to children and youth who are receiving child intervention services (learnings from this site are used to enhance services across the province).

A best practice site has been established to enhance mental health supports for children and families who are receiving child intervention services. This site provides increased mental health services to children and youth. The site is located in Calgary and is repurposing beds. The best practice site:

Hull Services, Calgary – provide a program that will assist parents in caring for their child with mental health needs and reduce the need for residential care. The program uses individualized, evidence based therapeutic modalities that result in a comprehensive support plan. The plan focuses on strategies that are transferable in the home environment. In addition to supporting the child within the program, the children received support at home and in school.

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