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Frequently Asked Questions

Show Answer Why has this scholarship been created?

The High School Child Care Career Scholarship has been developed to help encourage more students to choose child care as a career option and to increase the number of licensed or approved child care spaces available to Alberta families.

This scholarship aims to reduce the financial barrier for high school students interested in post-secondary training in early learning and child care education.

Show Answer What does the scholarship cover?

The one-time maximum payment of $2,500 toward the first-year tuition costs for full-time study at an Alberta-recognized post-secondary early learning and child care education program.

Show Answer What qualifies as early learning and child care education?

An Alberta-recognized post-secondary education program qualifies if it leads to a certificate, diploma or degree in the study of early childhood development or early learning and child care.

Terms such as early childhood education, early childhood development, early childhood education and development, and early learning and child care all refer to the field of study that focuses on young children. The terms are used interchangeably by Alberta colleges and universities.

Show Answer Who is eligible for the scholarship?

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must:

  • be enrolled in their first year of full-time study in an Alberta-recognized post-secondary early learning and child care education program;
  • be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada; and
  • within the past five years, have successfully completed high school courses CCS 3110, 3120, 3130, 3140, and 3150 (previously CMH2050 – Day Care 1 and CMH3050 – Day Care 2) or, as a high school student, must have successfully completed the Level 1 Orientation Course (online or self-study) for child care staff.

Show Answer Who is not eligible for the scholarship?

  • Foreign students and non-permanent residents.
  • Students who are receiving government assistance or sponsorship where their tuition is being paid for by the sponsoring agency.

Show Answer Must the training be taken in Alberta?

As long as the training is recognized by Alberta Human Services, it could be taken at post-secondary institution anywhere in Canada.

Show Answer Would part-time students be eligible?

No. The scholarship is for full-time study in an Alberta-recognized early learning and child care education program.

Show Answer How do I apply for the scholarship?

It’s easy:

  1. Fill out a High School Child Care Career Scholarship application.
  2. Provide your high school transcripts confirming the completion of CCS 3110, 3120, 3130, 3140 and 3150 (previously CMH2050 and CMH3050) or course completion record of the Level 1 Orientation Course for Child Care Staff while a high school student.
  3. Provide confirmation of acceptance in an early learning and child care education program.

Show Answer How is the scholarship paid?

A maximum payment of $2,500 is paid directly to the post-secondary institute. The one-time scholarship can only be used for tuition for the first year of study.

Show Answer What if I have already paid the first-year tuition?

Alberta Human Services pays the tuition to the post-secondary institute for your current year of study and you would be reimbursed or receive a credit from the post-secondary institute.

Show Answer Can I apply before I receive confirmation of acceptance from the post-secondary institute?

Yes. The scholarship can be pre-approved on condition of confirmation of acceptance into a full-time post-secondary Alberta-recognized early learning and child care education program.

Show Answer How does the one-year commitment work?

By accepting the scholarship, you must sign to a commitment to work in child care for one year following completion of the first-year post-secondary program in a licensed or approved child care program in Alberta upon graduation. Licensed or approved child care programs include day care centres, out of school care programs, nursery schools and family day home agencies.

You must submit employment commencement information to Alberta Human Services within six months of graduation and must remain working at a minimum of 80 hours per month for a period of 12 months.

Show Answer Must I stay with the same child care program for one year?

No. The commitment agreement applies to the child care sector as a whole and not to individual programs; therefore, you may move to another employer as long as the employer is a licensed or approved child care program.

You must inform Alberta Human Services of any changes related to your one-year employment commitment.

Show Answer If I cannot find child care work after graduation or am unable to complete the full one-year commitment, do I have to pay back the full scholarship?

The one-year commitment is a legal obligation and binds you to earnestly fulfill the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

The burden of proof is on you to demonstrate your job-seeking efforts to find child care work and/or the reasons leading to unemployment.

The full amount will need to be repaid to Alberta Human Services, if it is deemed appropriate by the Ministry.

Show Answer If I withdraw from my education program, what happens to the tuition that was paid?

You are required to repay the tuition to Alberta Human Services if the terms and conditions or the scholarship are not met, if it is deemed appropriate by the Ministry.

Show Answer Is the scholarship taxable?

A T4A will be issued to you at the end of the taxation year in which the scholarship was paid. It is your responsibility to file this on your tax return. Please check with the Canada Revenue Agency for details about scholarship declaration.

Show Answer When is the deadline for application?

Application for the scholarship is on-going.

Show Answer When will I know if I have been approved for the scholarship?

Scholarship recipients will be notified within three weeks following the submission of a complete application.

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