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Accreditation Funding for Child Care Programs

Accreditation funding is available to licensed day care and out-of-school care programs as well as contracted family day home agencies that are enrolled in Alberta Child Care Accreditation.

Types of Funding Grants

  • Wage Top-Up (Staff/Provider Support Funding) – provides a wage top-up for eligible paid program staff/providers over and above the base wage paid by the employer. Staff must be paid at least minimum wage, before the wage top-up is added to their pay.
  • Professional Development Grant – available to eligible certified staff to help obtain higher levels of certification and attend approved conferences and workshops related to early learning and child care.
  • Staff Attraction Incentive – available to support the recruitment of qualified staff. This funding is also considered a “wage” under the Alberta Employment Standards Code. Read more about this funding.
  • Benefit Contribution Grant – provided to child care programs to offset the costs of the mandatory provincial and federal employer contributions associated with the wage top-up funding and the Child Care Staff Attraction Incentive including statutory pay, vacation pay, Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and Workers Compensation Board (WCB) premiums.

Accreditation funding is paid to eligible child care programs which are responsible to transfer it to the staff in accordance with the Alberta Employment Standards Code and policies set out in the Accreditation Funding guides.

Funding Guides

Read the Accreditation Funding Guide for your program type to learn details about application process as well as current rates and eligibility requirements.

Funding Rates

Staff working in out-of-school care programs who are certified as child development assistants and child development workers are eligible for up to a maximum of $1,000 (up from $600) for professional development funding per fiscal year. See a quick overview of the accreditation funding rates below:

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Forms and Applications

Funding Audits

Every year the Quality Assurance and Standards Unit of the Early Childhood Development Branch audits a sample of child care programs that received accreditation funding for the previous fiscal year(s). The following documents identify the most common issues relating to the administration of accreditation funding by child care operators.

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