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Over the years supporting youth at-risk through mentoring opportunities has been an integral part of the Government of Alberta.

Having a mentor can open a door to life experiences that some children may not otherwise have a chance to experience. Mentoring gives individuals a chance to enjoy childhood again while enriching the life of a child with the gift of friendship.

The role modelling and emotional support that mentors offer helps young people to modify their undesirable behaviours and develop more positive social skills.

#8000mentors creates awareness to support children and youth in care

More kids in care will benefit from caring adults, thanks to the #8000mentors awareness campaign – more

The recruitment campaign will attract more mentors, particularly from Aboriginal and ethno-cultural communities, who can share important cultural experiences and community connections with young people.

Albertans are encouraged to sign up at

Alberta Mentoring Partnership

  • Created in 2008
  • 100 partners, including government, community agencies, businesses and youth
  • Provides research, training and resources and works with communities and organizations to develop and enhance mentoring programs in Alberta
  • $750,000 in total provincial government funding, 2014-17

$365,000 in provincial grant funding to:

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